Consulting and Design

Tecnical Impianti is able to provide its customers with a fruitful collaboration in the field of the definition and system implementation of projects, with specific skills of hydraulics and industrial automation, making available know-how and quality of Tecnical Impianti and Bosch Rexroth.

For this purpose, the technical structure of Tecnical Impianti expressly provides a team of designers who, with specific industry skills and with the help of the latest generation CAD systems, are able to develop, always in close contact with the customer, the required projects.

The many years of presence on the market of Tecnical Impianti, allows to have a considerable know-how in the most diverse industrial sectors.

Post-Sale Support

Tecnical Impianti provides its Customer with a full range of after-sales services, with a structure dedicated to both a quick telephone consultation, as well as direct interventions “On site”, or repair and retrofitting at our headquarters.

  • Repairs… All components or supply plants sold by Tecnical Impianti, even after the expiration of the warranty, are repaired or replaced with timely and professional interventions, by a team of specialized technicians. Computerized Repair Management allows continuous monitoring of the level of reliability and quality of the products, allowing the traceability of production batches and identification of any recurring issues.
  • Spare parts… A special warehouse allows us to ensure the rapid replacement of broken parts, even on discontinued plants, with shipment by express courier, minimizing the user’s downtime.
  • On-demand assistance … Specialized assistance technicians are available both at a quick telephone consultation and at direct interventions “on site”, where required for particular reasons of urgency or delicacy of analysis of the issues that have arisen.

Warranty Conditions

Tecnical Impianti guarantees the promised features and lack of defects and construction defects in its products provided. The guarantee is intended to extend to all the components of the plant for a period of 18 months of good operation, up to 24 months from the time of shipment from the Tecnical Impianti.

For products resold, manufactured by third parties, our guarantee is the sale through Tecnical Impianti of the warranty conditions of the supplier of the product.

The guarantee will, of our choice, involve the repair or replacement of the protested product, which will have to come to us in free port. Only parts that have a defect will be replaced. The replaced parts will become our property.

The warranty expires if the subject of the supply has been modified for third-party intervention and if installation and use requirements have not been observed. Normal wear and tear and damage to abnormal treatment are excluded from the warranty.

In particular, we do not respond for changes in the conservation status or operation of the products provided as a result of inconvenient storage and climatic or other influences.

In addition, the warranty does not include the damage caused by the use of the plant spread from the instructions of normal use, the damage caused by external events, natural disasters and in any case not directly attributable to the plant, the damage or vices caused by tampering, modifications or connections made by unauthorized personnel by Tecnical Impianti.

Warranty claims will only be taken into account if they are applied in a timely manner.

The duration of the warranty is not extended and the warranty itself is renewed as a result of the repair or replacement. Exceptional use (double shifts or other) matters the proportional reduction in the guarantee.

Warranty assistance will be carried out, in general, at the Tecnical Impianti headquarters with the sending of materials in free port. If the individual components or systems are not removed from the installation site, warranty assistance will be provided at the installation site.

In this case, the customer will be charged the travel and travel costs incurred according to The Assofluid rates with regard to interventions on the national territory, while with regard to interventions abroad will be agreed from time to time the amount of charges.